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Red White (Buzzed) Boston

5 Jan

Tonight was the first official meetup of the Red White Boston Tasting Crew, part of Red White Boston, a company that does a lot to promote local wine stores in the area. In addition to a wine-seeking mobile app, the founder, Cathy, started the Red White Tasting Crew to provide a band of wine evangelists in the area, and maybe even focus-group some bottles that are new to the Boston market, leveraging social media.

The meetup, at the Enormous Room in Cambridge, featured some of the portfolio of Panther Wines, a Connecticut distributor that’s now moved to Massachusetts. Their focus was mostly Australian, and one of the members even brought his own red-white blend he’s been developing at the Boston Winery in Dorchester to try out. It was about nine wines–even with me arriving late from work (damn Cantabrigian parking). I didn’t do a heck of a lot of networking–for me, business cards are what you drop into fishbowls for free lunches, heaven forbid actually using them to give to people.

You can read about the evening here; as I’m too tired right now to do it much justice. But hey, I got voted a best tweet for wine #3. Aw yeah.