Domaines Ott? I think not. Seriously, the only freaking rosé(s) you need this summer.

18 Jul

Not quite a bouquet , but these are the rosés you should be drinking.

Maybe it’s me, but if I’m going to be sacrificing precious brain and liver cells this summer, I want something more than Commanderie de Peyrassol pale lavender-colored water passing itself off as rosé. Here are my highly flavorful, brilliantly colored, conveniently priced picks:

1. Rene Couly Dutheil Chinon (Winestone <$20). 100% Cabernet Franc and the most atomically-packed flavor of any rosé this summer. And you cannot beat that color. Strawberries, red berries and a hit of pink grapefruit up the ying-yang. Crisp without feeling like you have to scrape your mouth out.

2. Alois Lageder Lagrein rosé
(various places, $13-21). My summer standard and the one everyone I pour for loves.

3. Brana Harri Gorri 2010 (Wine Bottega, $19). Dark pink dusty sour cherry from the French side of Basque country and the Irouleguy appellation. I drank 7/8 of this all on my own during a Harry Potter marathon. Better than Polyjuice potion.

4. Schloss Schonborn Pink 2010 (Blanchard’s West Roxbury, $17.99),is way too cool for school and like biting into sweet wax flowers and orange blossoms–even though it’s dry pinot noir from the Rheingau. I know it sounds weird. But trust me on this. Highly unusual and unforgettable.

I won’t say “blech!” if you pour these for me:
Ken Forrester Stellenbosch
Villa Gemma “Cerasuolo” Montepulciano d’Abruzzo
Domaine L’Enclose Cote de Gascogne. Killer-diller deal for el cheapo budgeto: $10 dineros.

Available all over the place in Boston, at least through Labor Day.


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