So I’m officially working* in the wine industry** now.

29 Jul

*part-timey basis
** probably more like “wine tourism,” but why split hairs?

I’m now a Wine Ambassador for City Wine Tours. The story of how this came to pass is full of fortuitous little moments and connections, and I’m very excited to be working for a cool company that’s partnered with some of Boston’s stand-out wine destinations (no, I’m paid to lead tours, not say that). They’ve got a really interesting model, and they’re already traipsing around the South End, Back Bay, and Harvard Square too. And they’ve only been doing this for about four months. I’m the ninth Ambassador (woo! ground floor single digits!)

I’ll be leading my first crew through the North End this Saturday, when I am supposed to be studying for the CSW exam I’m taking on Wednesday. But hey, there are still 80 hours for me to learn the new EU appellation laws.

In addition to being able to say “yeah, I’m in the industry” in a blasé voice when I talk to someone who knows waaaaaay more than I do, it’s kind of a big deal for me because I was a volunteer tour guide up until six years ago for a non-profit. I loved showing my city off to tourists and telling them about why Boston was so special (well, duh, for starters, it doesn’t look like a Disneyfied strip mall like half this country does, but I digress). I loved telling the stories about how Trinity Church got built, or the scandal in the Boston Public Library courtyard. The tour had definite start and stop times–and when I got to the end, I’d say to the group “we’re supposed to say goodbye here, but I’ve got more stuff to tell you. So if you want to keep going, I’m game.” I wasn’t supposed to do that. I loved it when they all kept following me, because it meant they cared. They were having a good time.

That ended when I broke my leg on a tour (geez, this sounds like a Farrelly Brothers movie). The organization’s reaction was distant and minimally concerned. All I wanted was to know to know they cared, after all the years of time and training I had put in with them. They mailed me a book about the literary history of Concord instead.

So I figured that was the end of my time on the trail. I found myself instead accosting lost-looking tourists on the sidewalk with confused faces and foldout maps with “hey! You need some help?” But yet, Fate had other plans, etc etc. Destiny, ya can’t fight it. So I hope to see you on a tour soon; I’ll post a schedule of appearances when I’ve got them.


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