Bad procrastination technique: counting up all the wine in my house.

13 Feb

146. Plus three opened bottles at half capacity or less.

Ninety are in my hallway. Sixteen are for a Jura party I keep planning to have, but the winter hasn’t been cold enough for rillettes.

Four are from a half-case of white Bordeaux I adore and am saving for as long as possible.

Twenty are in my “blind tasting box” I put together so the Gin Savant could test me on my paperbag ID skills.

One is to test the progress of a three-case purchase of 2005 Bordeaux currently housed at chez parents who actually have a decent cellar. (Only one of those cases is mine. One each is for La Niece and El Neffy come 2021 2026, if they stay nice to me and don’t grow up all rednecky.)

One is a 1983 5 putt Tokaji. One’s a Corton Charlemagne. I lost count of the Rieslings, the Aussies, and the ones made from obscure grapes. One was made by a high school friend of mine. One’s from England. Only three cost me more than $90. Four are before 1999.

Ok, I’m still procrastinating. Gotta stop or I’ll catalogue everything.


2 Responses to “Bad procrastination technique: counting up all the wine in my house.”

  1. emc February 13, 2012 at 5:00 pm #

    Aw man, I’d love to go to your Jura party. If’n you can find these or already have them, there are a couple Arbois wines from Rosenthal – Puffeney I believe, a Chard & a PN – that I love to pieces. Just imagine I brought those and drank a lot of great effing wine and had a good time.

    • Melanie February 16, 2012 at 6:30 am #

      I have one Puffney, the Poulsard M from 2007. I’ve got a bunch of Montbourgeau, including two Macvins, an Octavin; and a bunch of La Tournelle.

      As for missing the party, you can come to Boston in March. NYC isn’t that far away….

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