About me

Me in my native habitat.

The first time I got drunk, I was six years old. I was helping my great-aunt make ciambelle, Italian anise cookies. Whenever she turned her back, I was sipping the anisette-sugar mixture. Being Italian, wine was always a part of family holidays, though in those days, we drank a lot of cheap $3 wines that were more like soda.

When I was 16, I went on a week’s trip to Washington DC with the Future Republican’s Club of America (not what they were called) and I bought a t-shirt that said “Napa Valley Wino: Life’s too short to drink cheap wine.” That didn’t endear me to the Young GOP much.

Flash-forward a decade and a half or thereabouts, and I was working for a dot-com writing website reviews of their e-commerce offerings (yeah, I can’t believe it either). I wrote one of the first mainstream articles on buying wine online (I also wrote some pretty heated screeds about why the recording industry was Satan’s spawn for killing Napster, and how the music industry needed something that would eventually be iTunes. Sorry, I digress). When you have investment bankers essentially paying for you to get cases of wine delivered, you have to drink them, and thus the obsession was born. I even fooled a few employers into letting me teach wine classes to their employees, and made a pilgrimage to Napa and Sonoma, but they both were closed (damn you, Christmas Day).

I currently have over 120 bottles, along with expensive pieces of paper and lapel pins for the WSET intermediate and advanced exams (both with merit), and the Court of Master Sommeliers introductory exam lying around the house. When I’m not trying to justify opening a bottle with breakfast, I’m a professional copywriter and unprofessional guitar player.

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