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Sleeping beauties

7 Mar

The wine collection’s gotten out of hand. It’s gotten out of racks and closets and into my hallway. It’s gotten ridiculous. One hundred eighteen bottles. About two dozen of the ones with longest cellar potential are going into storage (I spent all evening researching that).  Here’s who they are.

Drink these after 2020. What shape will they--and I--be in?

More deep-storage wines (drink by 2020)

These are the ones to drink 2014-2018. Playing it conservatively on the Rieslings. Only one of them is GG quality, although all are VDP.

These will be consumed in the next 2-4 years, thought they could go possibly longer.


Bodegas Mustiguillo Finca Terrerazo 2005

29 Oct

From 60-year-old Valencia vines, this 90% Bobal blend grows almost 2800 feet above sea level. Bobal mostly is used for bulk wines in Spain, but this vineyard is known for making smooth reds from it.  Smoky, tobacco-ey, chewy and tannic, I really ought to steal one of the Gin Savant’s better cigars to enjoy this with.

Verdict: Legs as good as Susan Anton’s in 1979.

BRIX on Broad, $50.