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Recipe: Turkish Chocolate Martini #2 for a Wednesday Night

11 Aug

[I usually call this a Moroccan martini because I’ve never been to Turkey, and I really want to go back to Morocco someday. I think a true Moroccan martini has preserved lemon in it. I will need to investigate this firsthand. But I digress.]

The Gin Savant and I visited my BFF over the weekend. She lives in the hinterlands with an herb garden. She gave me free rein to harvest basil; he got the run of the chocolate mint plant. The silly boy forgot his bounty at my house, so sucks to be him!

The useful thing is that this is a pretty forgiving recipe if you don’t like to measure. Or if you like your tipple drier, just substitute plain vodka for the vanilla; up the creme de cacao if you want it sweeter and more voluptuous. The key is to keep this as icy as possible, though it is also quite delicious closer to room temperature as well.

Making it a Turkish martini

The label is so Victorian-fab

2 oz Stoli Vanil vodka
3 tsp creme de cacao
heavy dash orange water (mine came from Dean & Deluca). Rose water works very well, too.
4 chocolate mint leaves

Shake ingredients. Pour into a chilled martini glass or coupé. Crush one of the mint leaves and run it around the glass’s rim. Crush the remaining three to release the mint oil over the drink and use for garnish.

Stoli Vanil, creme de cacao, orange water.

Forgiving, flexible and fairly idiot-proof recipe